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Why are keyholders needed?
The Police require that anyone with a monitored alarm provides the names, addresses and contact details of at least two people, who live within 20 minutes travelling time of the alarmed property, to act as keyholders.

What does a keyholder do?
If the owner is not at home and the alarm activates, a keyholder will be called by the Alarm Receiving Centre to tell them that an alarm has been received.

They will also be told the type of alarm (Intruder, Fire, Personal Attack etc) and whether the Police or Fire Brigade. They may need to go to the property as soon as possible - and should remember to take the keys.

If the Police or Fire Brigade have been called, keyholders should wait for them to arrive. They should not put themselves at risk or enter the property if the police or fire services are attending, until they are told it is safe to do so.

Before leaving they will need to reset the alarm using the System Code, to secure the property. They should also telephone the home owner to let them know about the alarm activation. If the alarm system has been tampered with, they may need to call to arrange an engineer visit.

What does the keyholder need to know?
The correct entry/exit route
How to unlock the property
Where the alarm panel, keypad and proximity reader are located
How to set and unset the alarm
The System Code. This can be their own code if it is easier to remember
The password for the alarm or their own Verification Number to identify them when on the property
The telephone number of the Alarm Receiving Centre is displayed on the keypad
The telephone number to request an engineer is displayed on the keypad
How to contact the homeowner
Where the log book is kept
How to reset the alarm
How to lock up again

Changing Keyholders
Your keyholders play a crucial role when your security system is activated. To ensure that we can respond to your emergencies effectively, always keep your keyholder information current and relevant.

If there are any changes to the current keyholders details or you would like to nominate new keyholders, please notify Minder Alarms immediately with the changes by completing the form or write to:

Minder Security & Fire
153 Middlewood Road
South Yorkshire
S6 4HB


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